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My Story

     W.F Collection Was founded in 2002 By the CEO! That would be Me Mr. Reggie P.

   We Started the Company With the intent of Keeping Brands that came Before us in the people minds.

  We notice they where Still Wearing brands like Sean John, Phat Farm, and KARL KANI. We figure we would carry the torch. Today Brands Like Sean John & PHAT FARM Exist? But! We like to give The people From California Something Fresh and New.

    W.F Collection Was Name after our late Entrepreneurial Father Willie Frank Perkins.

During his time With us! My Daddy Had Dreams of Owning The First Beauty Supply In Hercules Ca, unfortunately He left Before seeing his fruit, So I thought  I would be the one to fill those shoes. Now I do like RUN DMC and Walk This Way. So Here we are lighting The torch and Running With it. So please look for great things coming out of Willie Frank. We also Like to thank you for The support! To the ones who Support; for the ones who don't support? God bless you.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

 (334) 561-7319

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